RAF Marham Gate Guardian 2

Who is based here?

138 Wing Badge RAF Marham - 138 Expeditionary Air Wing (138 EAW)

Expeditionary Air Wings - EAWs
On 1st April 2006 Expeditionary Air Wings were formed at 9 of the RAFs Main Operating Bases. Each EAW has it's own identity and is led by the Station Commander, supported by his Station management team. The deployable elements of the station structures form the core of each EAW, reinforced by assigned Capability-based Module Readiness System (CMRS) personnel and elements of the Air Combat Support Units (ACSUs). EAWs enable the RAF to train as cohesive units of Air Power which are prepared and capable of transitioning quickly from peacetime structures and deploying swiftly on operations.

The aim of EAWs is to re-brigade our forces to generate a readily identifiable structure that is better able to deploy discrete units of agile, scalable, interoperable and capable air power. An EAW should be the structure that provides agile, scalable, interoperable air power that can be readily identified as a deployable force.


  • The objectives of re-brigading our forces into EAWs are fourfold:
  • To achieve greater operational synergy, delivering focused operational effects from the outset of a deployment.
  • To generate a more cohesive trained audience.
  • To engender more widely a greater understanding of the capability of air power.
  • To achieve a more inclusive formation identity.

Other RAF Expeditionary Air Wings:
RAF Waddington - No 34 EAW (ISTAR)

RAF Lyneham - No 38 EAW (Air Transport)

RAF Coningsby - No 121 EAW (Multi Role)

RAF Cottesmore - No 122 EAW (Fighter / Ground Attack)

RAF Leuchars - No 125 EAW (Fighter)

RAF Leeming - No 135 EAW (Fighter)

RAF Marham - No 138 EAW (Fighter / Ground Attack)

RAF Lossiemouth - No 140 EAW (Fighter / Ground Attack)

RAF Kinloss - No 325 EAW (Maritime Patrol & Surveillance)

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