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RAF Marham - 1st Marham (RAF) Brownie Pack


I would like to thank all of the Brownie helpers and parents who have made this term a success. Your continued support is much appreciated.
Thank You.

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Due to the Girl Guiding Child Protection Policy we are unable to advertise details of our meeting location and times.

If you require this information, please contact Jacky Walsingham - details below:

The 1st Marham (RAF) Brownie Pack is run by Jacky Walsingham who is Brown Owl and also Unit Guider.

At present the pack consists of 24 brownies and 5 Adult helpers (Owls).

The Owl Team are:
Brown Owl (Unit Leader) Jacky Walsingham
Little Owl (Unit Guider) Helen Clarke
Friendly Owl (Unit Helper) Ali Woods
Spotted Owl (Parent Helper) Louise Huggett
Snowy Owl (Adult Helper) Karen Hill

The Brownies are part of the Guiding Organisation for girls aged between 7 and 10 years.

If you are interested in becoming a Brownie and would like to be placed on the waiting list or interested in helping out at our weekly meetings please contact me on Tel: 01760 339513.

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