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Community Development at RAF Marham

Community Development at RAF Marham

Community Development Officer (CDO)
It is Rita Broomfields role to enhance the well-founded support that already exists within RAF Marham. Her task is to help complete the Community Needs Analysis, and it is her intention to talk to as many people as possible, on and off camp, either through interviews or questionnaires or coming to see you at one of the many groups that meet. She will be required to respond to the needs of the Station as determined by this analysis and ratified by Command Structure. Other roles that can be undertaken by the CDO are to facilitate communication and discussion between station personnel and station groups, as well as the Local Authority including funding agencies and the Station. She is also available to advocate to the Command Structure, Local Authority or appropriate body for and on behalf of Station Chain of Command, Station groups and agencies and individuals. Other work may include advise on issues such as Childcare Policy and legislation, youth work provision, policy and legislation.

What is Community Development ?
Community Development work is undertaken so people can participate in the activities, processes and networks that shape their communities and their lives. Community development is concerned with building communities that are strong, sustainable, open and fair.

Community development asks the most fundamental question of all - What sort of community do we want?
Over the last 3 years, numerous questionnaires, surveys and focus groups have taken place in order for us to ensure that we have an individual, bespoke assessment of our community's needs, wants and aspirations, this assessemt is key to the successful integration of RAF Marham within the local community.

Whether you have taken part in one of these surveys or not, there is an opportunity for you today to fill in a short questionnaire and tell us what sort of community you would like RAF Marham to be.

As you can imagine, needs, wants and aspirations are many and varied; however there are always a few that come somewhere near the top.

  • Isolation, roads and transport
  • A lack of opportunities for young people
  • Communication
  • Volunteering

RAF Marham has a community volunteer project.

- The question is do you want to be a part of it?
- If you have a few hours a week to spare then volunteer to support and serve your community.

Presently, the project is looking to recruit new volunteers to maintain and carry forward the project.
- If you feel you have the time to commit to helping others, then read on.

What's in it for me?
You will receive: professional training, learn new skills, meet new friends and people, experience a sense of achievement, have fun and enhance your CV.

What would I be expected to do?
You will provide a confidential service; befriending families and colleagues going through periods of isolation and loneliness, illness, bereavement, depression and other difficulties.

Would I receive any training?
Professional training will be provided independent of the service. You will be expected to be available for initial training for 3 days mid week. You will receive your training at a location somewhere in the UK, all travel expenses, and food and accommodation will be met and provided. You will learn how to enhance your listening skills and interact with other like-minded volunteers. All training is provided by SSAFA Forces Help. (You will be required to your identity and under go screening to protect you and your future clients).

Volunteer work is thought highly of by any future employer; a certain enhancement to your CV. Service personnel could enhance their career prospects through their appraisals. Interested?

Show people that someone does care - volunteer now!

In order to create the 'perfect community' we need to help and support what we do. RAF personnel have always been encouraged to support their community by volunteering to work with charitable and non-profit making organisations. Many of you already do much valued work. However in order to give something back to you, we have set up a Marham Volunteer Projecty. If you are interested in volunteering work, then please take a copy of the Registration Form.

Some of the opportunities for volunteering:

  • Cycling Proficiency Training at Marham Junior School
  • Youth Work
  • Youth Bus
  • Conservation Activities
  • Volunteers on a team to bring acts to the Sandringham Centre
  • We are looking for volunteers to help develop the Farmers Market
  • If you have a particular hobby, perhaps you would like to volunteer5 during the school holidays and share your hobby.

External Agencies
The Community Needs Analysis provides the evidence required to secure suport, resources or funding from the local authority, voluntary or statitory agencies and groups. in that respect we are no different from any other community, we are taxpayers and council tax payers. It is therefore important that we stay up to date with Community Needs Analysis (CNA) and in order to help with this we would like to solicit any ideas and suggestions you may have that would contribute to the well-being of RAF Marham.

Volunteers are required to help make these events a success

For more information, to register your team or volunteer, please contact the Community Development Officer,
Rita Broomfield on: (01760) 337261 Ext 7491 - Mobile: 07899 908372

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