Fenland Gliding Club

The Fenland Gliding Club, based at RAF Marham, is a regional club of the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association operating from the airfield at weekends and public holidays. Membership is open to Service personnel of all ranks and to their families. No qualifications are necessary; the club can train pilots from ab initio to competitive cross country standard and have a fleet of aircraft that meet all aspirations; the only requirement is an interest in gliding and a willingness to share in the running of the club.

Discount Trial Flight
For service personnel we have a special offer of £20.00 for three flights and continued membership of the club until 31st October. Then, for JNCOs and below, there is the Malcolm Club Scheme which allows for scholarship to further offset costs. For dependants and civilians, temporary membership of one month is available, so that beginners can try their hand before committing themselves to an annual membership.

New members are always welcome at the club.

Fenland Gliding Club

What you need:
Military ID

Relaxed civilian dress, (i.e - jeans, T-shirt, shorts if the weathers hot etc), jacket/fleece, sunglasses, suitable footwear (trainers in summer, boots in winter)

Small amount of money for drinks, sandwiches, snacks. (We have a catering available at the glider launch point)

Where to meet:
It's best to contact the club through one of the email addresses listed below so we can arrange getting you out to the airfield for your first visit. If you do not have transport we can also arrange for you to be picked up from your block/mess/house.

If you decided to take it up:
Gliding is one of the cheapest forms of aviation and the Club at Marham aims to keeps costs to a minimum.
Training flights cost £5.50 a launch and 25p a minute soaring.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact any of the following:

Officer in Charge
Chief Flying Instructor

Club website:-
RAFGSA website:-

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