First Response - Skid Car Training

RAF Marham First Response - Skid Car Training

RAF Marham First Response Skid Car Training

The First Response Team at RAF Marham undergo regular training exercises and training programmes to maintain their professional expertise in the Emergency Services world, including on this occasion advanced driving techniques utilizing a skid car to simulate hazardous driving conditions.

The photo depicts a Skid Car driver training session that we did at Norwich Airport on 12 May 2005. The car is a brand new Proton and is fitted with a remotely controlled hydraulic lifting mechanism, which the instructor uses to simulate different types of loss of control for the driver. The training is about skid awareness and not skid control.

The emphasis is on the driver to recognize the imminent onset of loss of control and vary his driving to reduce or eliminate the risk of loss of control and to prevent a crash. The instructor, who sits in the passenger seat, guides the student driver around a large open area, and by raising the front or rear of the car by use of the outrigger wheels, can simulate understeer, oversteer, aquaplaning, snow and icy conditions at much slower speeds than are necessary to induce loss of control in an attempt to teach the student what it feels like, and how to avoid it, in a safe environment.

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