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ISS RAF Super Catering Retail & Leisure - RAF Marham

ISS RAF Super Catering Retail & Leisure - RAF Marham

Welcome to the ISS RAF Super Catering, Retail & Leisure website for RAF Marham operated by ISS Defence.

This service has been designed to allow everyone within ISS and the RAF to have easy access to information on the new range of products and services that will become available as part of the RAF Super CRL contract from now on.

From an ISS perspective, we are very much looking forward to supporting the men and women of the Marham Wing in their operational tasks at home and worldwide. CRL will provide a real opportunity to improve the social infrastructure of the Station over the summer. Keep your eye on the website to get the latest updates.

The new Catering Retail and Leisure (CRL) contractor, ISS Defence took over running of the Messes on the 1st June 2011. However, the messes continue to trade as prior to the takeover until 31st August 2011. The Daily Food Charge for all living in personnel – Officers’, SNCOs’ and Junior Ranks’ – will be switched off on 1st September 2011. We are all paid in arrears which means that personnel will not benefit from the turning off of the Daily Food Charge until the end of the month in which they start paying for their food ‘directly over the counter’. Personnel will need to review their budgets as food money will not be in pay packets until the end of September 2011. There will be variety of different pricing options available as well as different payment options.

The choice of where to eat will be down to the individual, for example Messes, feeders, Louis’ Bar, Bull & Bowl or the mobile wagon coming to your section.

For more information please call Andrew Hetherington on 7252 or WO English on 7236.

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