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RAF Marham Karate Club

Classes are currently being arranged for a new venue and are no longer taking place in the Gymnasium at this time. Please contact the senior instructor below to register you or your child's name for the new classes. Training fees will be kept to a minimum but we are looking at £10 for adults (16+) and £7.50 for 15s and below per month.

The Club will be requiring the following positions in the near future once the Club has been established - an interest/background in the martial arts is essential for the following posts:
OIC - commissioned
Treasurer/deputy treasurer
Property custodian/representative / deputy
Again if you are interested please contact the senior instructor below.

About the Instructors:
The instructor is a member of the Royal Air Force Karate Squad and Committee Appointed Membership Representative of the Royal Air Force Martial Arts Association and has earned his RAF Colours representing the Royal Air Force in martial arts competitions all over the UK. Born in 1979 he started studying Shotokan Karate from a very young age and through strict training gained his Black Belt and has been eagerly training ever since. Lee has also studied Aikido, traditional JuJutsu and Shitoryu Karate to a high level and generally teaches the more traditional and self defence aspects of the martial arts including strikes, throws, arm and wrist locks/breaks, pressure point striking, disarming and the use of Chi - sport aspects of Karate are also catered for but to a lesser degree.

Mr Dale Lambert has been studying Shotokan Karate for over 25 years and has been with the Club since 2004 as a qualified assistant instructor and Property Rep. He has also completed courses with HM Prison Service including Control and Restraint (C&R) to Level 3 enabling him to also expertly instruct on arm/wrist locks and other control techniques.

We have also many guest instructors who may be available from time to time.

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