Facilities at RAF Marham

Local State Schools

Local State Schools - Close to RAF Marham

Norfolk County Council operates on a 3 tier basis:
First School - 4 years approx. to 8 years
Junior School - 8 years to 12 years
High School - 12+ years

Under the provision of the 1980 Education Act, parents may exercise preference in the choice of schools for their children. Although this is an important principle, if parents do not choose the "designated" school (normally the nearest appropriate school to your home) they become responsible for their children's transport arrangements. The following is a breakdown of the "designated" schools for children living in Families Quarters at Marham. For further details, please contact the Headteacher of the school, the Local Education Authority (01553) 773643 or RAF Marham's Education Coordinator on Ext 7291.

Norfolk County Council link to Schools and Child Welfare served by RAF Marham.

School Transfer to RAF Marham - Information:
When you move to, or from Marham, make sure you have a transfer report and bring one with you when your family arrives here.

Marham Infant School
Upper Marham
King's Lynn
PE33 9LT
Tel 01760 337217

Marham Junior School
King's Lynn
PE33 9JJ
Tel 01760 337346

Hammonds High School - Swaffham
Brandon Road
PE37 7DZ
Tel 01760 721480

Hammonds High School - Sixth Form Centre
Tel 01760 725090

Special Needs Schooling
Special Needs cases should be referred to the CEAS helpline (01980) 618244 as soon as possible. They are able to offer a wide range of facilities and a number of special needs cases can be dealt with in the local schools; however, it is essential that a copy of the Statement and all supporting documents are available for the local authorities without delay. Local Education Authority Telephone Number : (01553) 773643

Boading Schools - Serving RAF Marham
All Service Personnel considering boarding education for their children MUST first seek advice from CEAS (in accordance with JSP 752 chapter 9). They cannot claim any MOD allowances without doing this.

Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS)
Trenchard Lines
CEAS helpline (01980) 618244

Email enquiries@ceas.detsa.co.uk

A wide selection of information on boarding schools, including the Youths who have reached school leaving age may take full-time/part-time courses at the College of West Anglia in King's Lynn. Further details may be obtained from the College - King's Lynn (01553) 761144. 'Which Schools?' database, is available in the Force Development Squadron.

RAF Marham Adult Education Classes
A varied programme of GCSE commercial and leisure classes is held in the Force Development Squadron Learning Centre on Station. Full details are available from the Learning Centre on Ext 7291. Many other adult education classes are run by Norfolk County Council and are held in various locations in the surrounding area.

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