Marham Aero Club Qualified Service Pilots

Marham Aero Club Qualified Service Pilots

First a couple of definitions as provided by the CAA:
Qualified Service Pilot (QSP) in the RAF means you have your wings - this is a relatively new definition, and deletes the old requirement to be combat ready.

Current means that you have flown at least 12 hours in the last 12 months, including one check ride with a QFI.

So, you qualified for your PPL years ago, but have let it lapse and now fancy getting it back so you can take advantage of the low cost flying at Marham?

It's never been easier.
If your licence expired less than 5 years ago, all you need to do is a flight test at the flying club. If your licence expired more than 5 years ago, you need a flight test (to include an 'element' of navigation) and wait for it, a short oral test by the flight examiner. Most current pilots find they benefit from a quick pre-ride to re-familiarise themselves with the aircraft and practice a few stalls, turns, PFLs and circuits, but this is not mandatory. If your licence is one of the old style issues, you will need to complete the appropriate form (click here) and send it away to the CAA. The examiner will guide you and it's really simple. Remember a light aircraft 'flight test' is a very different proposition to an RAF one, and we have a 100% pass and enjoyment rate so far!

Not content with just that PPL? Well don't be. If you have completed 5 hours night training, including 3 hours dual and 1 hour dual night navigation and 5 take-offs and landings as pilot in command (you should have!) then you automatically qualify for the issue of a Night Rating. Just complete the relevant form (click here), provide a copy of the appropriate pages of your logbook, get your Boss to sign the application and send it off along with a cheque for your membership fee. Your Night Rating will arrive shortly afterwards.

Still not enough? OK, if you have held a Green Instrument Rating in the last 2 years then you automatically qualify for the issue of an IMC rating. Fill in the form (click here), provide logbook proof (photocopy) and a copy of your IRT certificate from your F5000 and send it off with payment for your membership fee (cheque).


If you are a QSP but have never had a PPL and wish to get one, the details are below:
First the basic PPL requirements:

1. 45 hours flight time in piston aircraft, including 25 hours dual and 10 hours solo. The solo flight must include one cross country flight of at least 150nm, with a landing at 2 airfields different from the airfield of departure. Skill Test and Navigation Test.

2. Ground Exams – Aviation Law, Human Performance, Navigation, Meteorology, Aircraft (general), Flight Performance, JAR FCL Communications.

3. Valid CAA Class 2 medical. (Can be arranged with friendly aviation medical practitioners)

Qualified and Current Service Pilot With Previous Single Engine Piston Experience
This includes Bulldog, Chipmunk, Firefly and Tutor. You will be granted ALL flying training and Skill Test requirements. In addition, you will be credited all ground exams except Aviation Law and Human Performance. The study books cost £15 each and the exams £20 and can be taken at the Club. 80% of the cost of the exams can be claimed back through the Standard Learning Credit scheme.

Qualified Service Pilot With Previous Single Engine Piston Experience But Not Current
As above, except you will need a Skill Test (no navigation).

Qualified and Current Service Pilot With Jet Experience Only
Sadly, the CAA will not count the Tucano either, as this is a Turbo Prop and therefore in a separate Class. In this case, you will need to complete 15 hours flight training in a piston aircraft, including 10 hours dual and 5 hours solo. Also a Skill Test (no navigation). You will be credited the same exams as above.

In all cases, your Service experience will entitle you to the issue of an R/T licence and exemption from the Communications exam.

Please note that in CAA terms, a ‘Qualified Service Pilot’ is one who has wings. ‘Current’ means has flown 12 hours in the last 12 months.

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