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SSAFA-Forces Help - Community Volunteers

The Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association - Forces Help (SSAFA-FH)

SSAFA Forces Help is an independent welfare organisation that provides practical support to serving and non serving personnel, their families and their dependents, during times of difficulties or distress to help them meet their needs.

Community Volunteers Required:
Volunteers at Marham are formed through dependents, Service personnel and individuals from the local community. However, it's vital that we continue to have a versatile cross section of volunteers with different life skills, backgrounds and age in support of our clients requirements.

Therefore, if you wish to become a SSAFA Forces Help (FH) volunteer and can provide a few hours a week supporting the RAF Marham Community Volunteer (CV) Project, then please contact the CV Co-ordinator on 07984 908622 where they will be happy to discuss the roles and responsibilities of a CV as well as explain in detail the training package provided.

Thank you.

RAF Marham SSAFA-FH Committee:
Mrs Caroline Henry - Chair
Sgt Paul Stone – Treasurer
Mrs Mickey Tucker-Lowe – Secretary
Mr Tom Smith – SSAFA-FH Pers & Family Support Worker
Mrs Ronna Garrod– SSAFA-FH Pers & Family Support Worker
Mrs Stevie Lewis – HIVE
Mrs Rita Broomfield - Community Development Officer
Chief Tech Daz Sparrow – Community Support Volunteer Co-ordinator


SSAFA-FH is a civilian organization who provide advice, support and practical help to Service personnel and their families on all manner of problems. For example:-
• Benefits
• Children with special needs
• Separation
• Stress and Anxiety
• Housing
• Child care issues
• Support whilst a partner is on detachment

The social work service is entirely CONFIDENTIAL AND FREE service.
If you have problem you wish to discuss contact:
Tel: (01760) 446051 or (01760) 337261 Ext 6900

Alternatively, drop into the SSAFA office, located opposite the Spar Shop, 4 Woodview Road.

It is open Monday - Friday during normal office hours.

SSAFA Community Volunteers - We Need You

SSAFA is always in need of community volunteers to help with its vital work.

You need NO Specific qualifications to be a volunteer as training is provided, but the following are skills, which are of use to us;
1. Being a good, open minded listener.

2. To be able to offer your time, no matter how little.

3. To be able to work as apart of our team.

You may not think you have anything to offer,but here are just a few of the skills that can be of use to us;
1. Life experience.

2. Experience with children - your own count too!

3. A clean driving licence.

4. Any previous voluntary experience.

Voluntary work for SSAFA can provide you with experience that may help in future paid employment.

For more information, or an application form, please contact:
Community Volunteer Co-ordinator
SSAFA Forces Help
4 Woodview Road
Upper Marham
King's Lynn
PE33 9JX

Tel : (01760) 446051 or (01760) 337261 Ext 6900
Mobile Tel: 0798 490 8622

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