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What is SSAFA Force Help?

What is SSAFA Force Help?

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Force Help is the National charity helping and supporting those who serve in our Armer Forces, those who used to serve and the families of both.

Who We Help
One days' paid Service in any of our Armed Forces is all that is needed to qualify for assistance from SSAFA Force Help. This includes those who serve in our Reserve Forces and anyone who did National Service as well as close relatives, widows and widowers.

Each year we provide a reliable, caring and trusted service to more than 50,000 people.

Supporting the Ex-Service Community
Although no two people have exactly the same experience whilst serving their country, they are all entitled to the support of SSAFA Forces Help if they face difficulty in civilian life.

Our trained caseworkers operate through a regional network of nearly 100 branches to support members of the ex-Service community. They visit people in their homes to learn about and help with the problems they face. Anyone who approaches us is treated with dignity and respect.

Our Volunteers Provide:

  • Experienced, non-judjemental and friendly advice
  • Help for those with additional needs for equipment or home redevlopment
  • Financial assistance, in association with other charities and benevolent funds
  • Emotional support for the lonely, ill or bereaved

SSAFA Force Help offers housing advice and provides accommodation for those eligible for our help. This ranges from our home for disabled ex-Service people capable of indepenent living to our 'Stepping Stone Homes' for separated families needing temporary supported accommodation. Our new 'Homes from Home' enable relatives to be close to a loved one whilst they recover from a serious injury.

Supporting those who Serve
Life in the Services is full of opportunities but it can also present individuals and families with tough challenges. SSAFA Force Help supports them, whether they are Serving at home, overseas or in an operational environment.

Our network of in-Service volunteers work on Bases and Garrisons in the UK and around the world. They provide invaluable support and care to our Serving community, along with our Health and Socail Work professionls.

Our professional staff and their families including:

  • Healthcare and Social Work
  • A registered adoption Agency
  • Additional needs and disability advice
  • A Confidential Support line
  • Holidays for children with additional needs
  • Coinfidential support and advice

What makes SSAFA Force Help Special?

Our Commitment
We work tirelessly to meet the current needs of our Servicemen and women and the changing needs of those who have previously Served.

Our People
Our reputation has been built on th excellent work of our dedicated volunteers and staff. They make a difference to thousands of lives.

Our Strength
No other charity operates on the same scale across the military community.

"SSAFA Forces Help has been supp;orting the military community since 1885"

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