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Orienteering Events

Details of RAFO Events can be found from the RAF Orienteering Association (RAFOA) MOSS page, accessible through DII(F). If personnel do not have access to DII(F), details can be found from the RAFOA Secretary.

The RAF Sports Board (RAFSB) grant RAFOA members travel authority to over 60 events across the UK, all personnel just need to provide is entry fee's and time. If you are new to Orienteering, RAFO can assist with entry fees (more info from committee members). The majority of events will be Level C and above taken from the British Orienteering Federation (BOF) website, with the exception of those events held by RAFO.

Throughout the year RAFO holds several events, they are -

  • RAF Sprint Sprints
  • RAF Championships
  • RAF Autumn Challenge

In addition to the above RAFO event, personnel can be selected for the following-

  • PSUK vs RAFO
  • Inter-Services
  • Combined Services

If competing for at Level C for RAFO is not your thing yet, you can join/train with a Local Orienteering Club. We have provided a link below so personnel can find there local club. Several RAFO personnel run for Local Clubs, and RAFO. RAFO is a closed club therefore BOF permit this.

To maintain fitness, many RAFO personnel undertake parkrun on a Saturday morning if not at an Orienteering event. parkrun is free and usually has a start at 9am. The distance is 5km, more details from the link below.

BOF Events - https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/event

Find your local club - https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/page/find_a_club

parkrun - http://www.parkrun.org.uk/

Further details about RAFO and events can be found from the many social media sites listed on the Homepage.

See you in the woods,


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