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Can Obvious Orders Keep It Essentially Safe?

1. What are the 2 most common injuries inthe RPKA at present:

a. Sandor other blown debris in the eyes - in high winds it is highly recommended towear eye protection, preferably cool looking shades, to prevent sand hittingyour precious eyes. It is also a good idea to limit the time spent in areas ofwind compression such as on top of sand dunes. Keep to the wet sand if possibleand in strong gusts turn your back to the wind.

b. Chafingunder the neck from helmets - we all have to wear helmets, so it is imperativethey fit correctly. A lot of helmet straps work loose quickly when they getwet; using tie wraps or rubber bands to lock the straps in position will helpreduce this. Also consider a better chin strap cover, some are so small theyjust don’t do anything and actually make the straps rub more.

2. Common kit failures, Kites are operatedin harsh conditions and will wear out faster than anticipated. The following listdetails instances that have occurred during the last year.

a. Throughbar safety line snapping. The through bar safety lines wear out with use. Mostkites come with spare safety lines. If you notice the outer sheath has worn andyou can see the inner core (usually black material) it is time to replace theline.

b. Bridlefailure. The bridles on kites take the full force of the rider during turns andjumps, common areas for wear are at the attachment points to the leading edgeand line junction points. These are harder to check when setting up your kiteready to fly so make it a habit to check the lines when you are wrapping thekite up after your last epic session.

3. Try not to hit things. Most kite andrider damage is caused by hitting fixed objects. Always remember to:

a. Keep2 line lengths away from those scary looking rocks

b. Keepat least knee to thigh deep in water, your ankles will thank you.

c. Donot launch in wind shadow, you will be dragged into that nasty sharp cliff

d. Keep a clear pathway from the launcharea to the water entry point, do not slalom between sunbathers and abandonedboats.

4. Have fun, kiting is awesome and we wanteveryone to enjoy it so please pass on these top tips so we can continue havingfun in the sun.

Cookie - RPKA Training and Safety Officer

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