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Intermediate Development

Intermediate Development Initiative

The Intermediate Development Scheme has proven to be very successful this year. Coaching has taken place at UK Meets, the OSV and at the Benbecula Camp with many RPKA members learning new tricks or taking their overall kiting ability to the next level. Having now proven the concept, I will introduce a number of changes over the winter period to improve the scheme. One of the main lessons learnt was the need for those who are fresh off the Z2H to receive structured ‘Novice Progression’ coaching to improve board-starts, up-wind riding and transitions. Once individuals have the confidence to stay up wind in different sea-states then they will be in a position to start learning tricks and developing their kitesurfing style. On-beach video de-briefs were extremely beneficial as they enabled riders and coaches to review the session and then go back out immediately to correct technique and improve success rates. I’ll be looking for more investment in this area next year.

Anyone who has any feedback on the coaching this year please send it to my e-mail or give me a call. Any constructive comments or good ideas on how the scheme can be improved will be gratefully received.

If you want to join the scheme then please complete the questionnaire at the link below or if you want some coaching at a meet then just send an email with what you want to learn and when.

Remember, you’re not learning if you’re not crashing!



8 Nov 17

Theattached trick matrix has been updated and captures most of the tricks learnt this year by thosewho signed up for the scheme. If anyone is now claiming tricks not on thematrix then please let me know. As well as the Intermediateslearning new tricks, 6 Z2Hs from previous years have received NoviceProgression Coaching and are now confidently riding up wind and transitioningin all conditions. As most of you are aware this is a significantachievement for every kiter and is the key to getting full enjoyment from thisawesome sport. Also, some of this year’s Z2Hs have benefitted from NoviceProgression Coaching at Pembrey and Hayling Island. Another benefit ofthe scheme has been that everyone involved has been able to learn from eachother’s experiences through group debriefs. Making them generally saferand more competent kiters who are able to get more enjoyment from the sport.

Atthe AGM, held at Hayling Island this month, there was a lot of positive feedbackon the scheme. Therefore, it was agreed to make further investment indevelopment equipment which, I am pleased to say, has already beenordered.

Thelast opportunity for coaching this year will be at the St Mawgan meet. Please let me know in advance if you’d like me to arrange some coaching foryou.

Allthat remains for this year is for me to congratulate you all on making greatprogress. I’m looking forward to more of the same next year.

27 Sep 17

The inter-services competition is looming. The competition is open to all levels including those on this year’s Z2H. Therefore please sign up asap so that the RAF can ensure a strong team. The overall title goes to the Service which has the best results across all categories (Novice, Male, Female, Masters). Therefore the more competitors we put forward in each category strengthens our chances of regaining the title this year. Please contact me directly for any advice on preparing and taking part in a competition.

10 Jun 17

An ‘Ask the Coach’ thread has been added to the Forum. Post your questions here for help and advice on progression. Questions could be anything from ‘What trick should I try next? or ‘What is the best freestyle surfboard? Or ‘When can I next get some coaching on the water? Or ‘Why can I land a front roll but can’t ride away from it?’ Etc etc. Anyone can ask a question, and answer it. (The thread will be moderated by an RPKA Senior Instructor)

4 Jun 17

The RPKA now has 2 Foil Boards available to borrow. It is hoped that we will be able to include Foil Board coaching at the 2017 Intermediates Development Camp.

2 Jun 17

Registration for the 2017 Intermediates Development Camp is now open on the Forum at the Link.

1 Jun 17

As this Intermediates Development initiative is entirely internal to the RPKA, we need to gain a snapshot of the RPKA’s kiting standard and where we want it to be in the future. Therefore, please could all kiters fill out the short questionnaire at Link and cut & paste it into an email to my personal mod address simon.taylor374@mod.uk .


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