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The ground fighting force of the Royal Air Force. The RAF Regiment provides a range of Force Protection effects underpinned by its air-minded ground fighting capabilities. Whilst providing Force Protection throughout the world for UK Air Asset, the RAF Regiment maintains high-readiness, flexible and increasingly potent contingent capability, be that from Tactical Air Control Parties, contributions to Special Forces operations (Special Forces Support Group), Joint Counter-Terrorism Training and Advisory Group or Delivering the core CBRN for UK defence.

Our Corps is a diverse organization that provides internationally recognised first-rate worldwide Force Protection to UK air assets. Our Officers and Gunners have been deployed on operational service every day since our formation in 1942 and have a proud history that is best characterized by the Regiment's motto 'Per Ardua' - Through Adversity

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Specialise in infantry tactics, weaponry, field craft, and force protection. These elite soldiers carry out a range of crucial duties to defend RAF bases and overseas air operations.

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Specialise in ground combat tactics, weaponry and field craft. They lead and direct the RAF Regiment squadrons that protect RAF bases and forward operating bases.

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