RAF Regiment Officers

The RAF Regiment fight on the ground to ensure control of the air.

The RAF Regiment is a highly-specialised force with responsibility for providing Force Protection to enable and support air operations. Specialists in ground combat operations, the RAF Regiment contributes to the defence of RAF airfields in the UK and overseas, National Chemical, Biological and Radiological protection capability, Forward Air Controlling, ceremonial duties and support to Special Forces operations.

As an RAF Regiment Officer, you will become a specialist in all facets of Force Protection which range from dismounted close combat tactics and fieldcraft to security and understanding how air operations are delivered. Learning how to operate and employ a variety of weapons and surveillance systems, you will provide specialist advice and planning to enable the safe conduct of air operations both at home and overseas.

Above all, Leadership is the quality that we seek in RAF Regiment Officers. From the outset of your career you will be placed in positions of command, responsible for RAF and RAF Regiment personnel and it will be your responsibility to provide leadership through demanding situations. Within your first few years, you will almost certainly be deployed on an overseas operations or exercises to locations including Canada, Cyprus, Middle East and Africa.



Initial Officer Training

Like all RAF Officers, you will begin your RAF career with Initial Officer Training (IOT) at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire. You will follow a challenging 24-week course designed to develop your leadership and management skills. The course includes fitness development, military training and academic study as well as practical outdoor leadership challenges.

Specialist Training

Next, you will undertake the arduous Junior Regiment Officers’ Course (JROC) which is 30 weeks of tough ground combat training. Your fitness will step up a level as you are taught how to soldier and then how to command and lead troops. You will start with leading a section of 8 and end up leading a flight of some 30 RAF Regiment Gunners. You will make friends who will last a lifetime and you will get to know them better than you know your own family.

RAF Regiment training is a real test of character, determination and the will to succeed. By the end of the course, you will be at peak physical fitness and you will have learned how to operate effectively in different environments and all kinds of conditions. The training needs to be hard to give you the confidence to overcome any situation that you may find yourself in during operations; with determination you can do it.

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Life as an RAF Regiment Officer

Your First Tour


For your first tour you will be posted to an operational RAF Regiment squadron based in the UK. Here you will consolidate your training on squadron exercises and also have the opportunity to undertake adventurous training and sport. The most important thing is for you to get to know those under your command and for them to know and respect you, so that when you are on operations they trust you and have confidence in the decisions you make.

Your Career Prospects

You will join the RAF on an Initial Commission of 12 years. Promotion to the rank of Flight Lieutenant is on a time served/satisfactory service basis after 3½ years from completing IOT. Further promotion to Squadron Leader and above is by competitive selection.

Ongoing Development

JROC is only the beginning; as you undertake new roles you will complete courses to help you meet any challenge, be it Forward Air Controlling, Jungle or Arctic Warfare courses, Heavy Weapons courses or military parachuting. Life as a RAF Regiment Officer is never predictable and a new challenge is always just around the corner. Much will be demanded of you, but in return, you will go to places and experience a world your civilian friends can only dream of. The challenge is there, the rest is up to you.

Transferable Skills

The qualifications and experience you will gain as a Gunner are valuable to civilian life – which means that whenever you decide to leave the RAF you will be well placed to find a new job. On completion of JROC you will receive a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. As you move up the ranks you will gain a great deal of practical management and leadership experience which you can develop into related civilian qualifications.

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