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Potential Regiment Officers Course (PROC)

The Potential Regiment Officer Course

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The Potential Regiment Officers Course (PROC) is a 4-day course held at the RAF Regiment (Regt) Depot, RAF Honington, Suffolk. PROC is a mandatory course for anybody wishing to join the RAF Regt as an officer and is completed after the Officer and Aircrew Selection Course. It is designed to give candidates and the RAF Regt a chance to see whether a career with us is right for you.

PROC is the second of a series of courses a potential officer must pass before receiving the coveted "Mudguards". It is designed to ensure that the right calibre of candidate is chosen to undertake further training and become a Junior Regt Officer.

You will get the opportunity to visit a RAF Regt Squadron, which will include weapon, equipment and vehicle displays. You will meet serving officers, as well as students on the current Junior Regiment Officer Course (JROC). This is an excellent opportunity for candidates to ask any questions they may have.

PROC is physically and mentally demanding. Candidates are expected to take in a lot of information during their stay, as well as give presentations, take part in discussions and use logic and teamwork during group tasks.

A candidate’s physical fitness is assessed during gym, pool and assault course physical assessments. These give the candidates an insight into the physical training they will experience in the RAF Regt, as well as giving the instructors a chance to see how much resolve, determination and potential for training the candidates have. Some of these activities are pass or fail, and are a fundamental part the PROC.

The course is 4 days in duration; however, if you are unsuccessful or wish to no longer continue with the assessment you can be sent home at the earliest opportunity. The course outline is as follows:

  • RAF Fitness Test: Including a Multi-stage Fitness Test (MSFT), Press ups and Sit ups. Age and gender specific to an RAF Green standard.
  • 1.5 Mile/2.4Km run. (11:11 minutes or under)
  • Single Lift: Of 24 Kgs onto a 1.6m platform.
  • Point of Entry: Over a 1.2m obstacle.
  • Swim Test: 100m swim and 2 minutes treading water.
  • Battle Scenario:
    - Advance 100m in 10m bounds to the prone position.
    - Withdrawal 100m in 10m bounds to the kneeling position.
    - Casualty drag 15m (89kg mannequin).
    - Stretcher carry: 17kg jerry can over 50m.
    - Stretcher carry: 27 kg jerry can over 50m.
  • Assault Course: There are 17 obstacles including a 6ft and 9ft wall, a rope bridge, a rope swing and a rope cargo net, some of which are to be scaled at significant height.
  • Presentation: Candidates are required to deliver a 10 minute presentation and 5 minute Q & A to serving RAF Officers on a current affairs topic.
  • Interview: topics covered include RAF Regt history, roles and capabilities, current operational commitments, JROC.

What PROC is not

The course is not an attendance course, just turning up does not guarantee success. Proper preparation and application are required in order to pass. A candidates performance at PROC is reviewed at every further stage of application and training.

Passing PROC does not guarantee becoming a RAF Regiment Officer, PROC is part of the selection process. It is the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre at RAF Cranwell who make the final decision after all selection assessments are completed.

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