RAF Regiment Gunners.


Trainee Gunners

The Trainee Gunner Course is 29 weeks long. Designed to take the new recruit from civilian to trained Gunner, under the watchful gaze of our experienced corporals, it is not for the faint hearted! The course progresses from basic military skills, such as preparing equipment and uniform, marching and fitness training through to the weapon skills and tactics required to be an effective part of a combat unit on operations. Click the link below to see video diaries from recent trainee gunners.

TG video link

For a further look at what the course entails click the link below:

TG course program

Here are some useful tips to help you in your regiment training:

Top Tips

Fitness program training link

Junior Regiment Officers Course

The Junior Regiment Officers Course (JROC) is 37 weeks long. The course takes a newly graduated RAF Officer and graduates him as a fully qualified RAF Regiment Flight Commander ready to lead his Flight on operations. The course focuses on soldiering skills such as fieldcraft, navigation, weapons and fitness before progressing on to leading Gunners in battle in a number of different environments and scenarios including Urban operations and Counter insurgency. It will test the Junior Officer’s leadership, endurance and capacity to the limit. Those who make it to the end know that they have earned the coveted “mudguards”.

JROC Course Overview

Officer’s fitness program training link

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