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Windsurfing Division

Updated: 3 Mar 17

Do you want to take part in one of the most exciting watersports available in the UK today?

Windsurfing in the RAF a great way to learn a new skill and push yourself to the limits, both physically and mentally. It is simple to learn with modern equipment that is light and easy to handle. Our dedicated Windsurfing Centre at Rutland Water has all you need to learn, with the latest kit and instructors to show you how to use it. Enrol in one of our START courses and get involved.

What the RAFSA Windsurfing Club can do for you:

- Participation, entry and transport to 24 Events in the year (National – BWA, Slalom, Wave and Race, Inter service – Speed week, Weymouth, and RAF – Wave and Freestyle Champs, all around the country, from Tiree to Poole) – competing for the RAF, all whilst on Duty

- Go on the Overseas Tours (Greece in 2017) – monetary contributions are made towards tours by the Sports Charity. Further contributions can be looked for at SIF, Station Gym and JRWF sections.

- Opportunity to learn an awesome, challenging water sport at minimal cost, meet many different people with a variety of experience, and receive coaching from advanced windsurfers along the way

- Get to use new equipment, bought by RAFSA – and can be hired by Station gyms – to improve technique and skill

- Potential for attending START courses up at Rutland (claim back money from learning credits), or instructor courses (reimbursed by RAFSA if used to teach courses at Rutland) to demonstrate leadership skills.

- Get involved in the committee, if you’re interested – see how things are run, what we do, gain some management points.

- Basically, enjoy Windsurfing!

RAF Windsurfing MOSS page: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__cui5-2Duk.diif.r.mil.uk_r_354_sailing_Windsurfing_default.aspx&d=CwMFAg&c=SpkS68ZihjmrPEDEws428g&r=t5gdAQqR3pEUQ5eBsgJb_n0v5H8MHm8LcIVLOKpK95A&m=iP0aWmw1oOrqFxLgWw-Z0afbR3ABCP1XAMxkG7LHoG4&s=3uFrtMgClg7A_Q-rbOgOlLIiPRonaVMN4bmBMGQOnhY&e=

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