Type 101 Radar on Deployment

1 Air Control Centre

No 1 Air Control Centre

Mission Statement

“1 ACC is to generate and sustain a deployable, scalable and adaptable tactical Air C2 capability in order to support the delivery of air effects to contingent and standing operations, nationally and globally.”

No. 1 Air Control Centre (1ACC) is maintained at very high readiness to deploy worldwide. The Unit provides Tactical Air Command and Control (C2) as well as increased situational awareness for air and ground directly supporting National, NATO and Coalition Air Operations; thereby fulfilling the UK’s Deployable Air Surveillance and Control System (DASACS) capability. 1ACC is also on call on a 24/7 basis to provide resilience to the UK Air Defence System, should there be an outage to the primary system.

1ACC is highly valued in deployed operations, with the Unit deploying in recent years as part of Op ABROAD, Op TELIC, Op HERRICK, and Op ALVIN; 1ACC continue to provide support to on-going operations. It is the value, commitment and experience 1ACC personnel have, that make the unit a critical element of the UK’s response to any emerging conflict. 1ACC provides a key element that increases the whole force effectiveness and helps to join the output of other tactical units into a theatre wide, understandable and accessible, operational picture which can be used for rapid decision-making.

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