Type 101 Radar on Deployment

1 Air Control Centre

No 1 Air Control Centre

Mission Statement

"To generate and sustain a deployable, early entry, TacATC, Air C2 and BM capability for expeditionary ops and proved resilience to ASACS in support of MT3, utilising the capabilities of Aerospace Battle Management and Air Traffic Management."

No. 1 Air Control Centre (1ACC) fulfils the UK’s Deployable Air Surveillance and Control System (DASACS) capability, and is maintained at high readiness to deploy anywhere in the world. The Unit provides Air Command and Control (C2) and increased air and ground situational awareness for National, NATO and Coalition Air Operations. 1ACC also provides resilience for the UK Air Defence System on a 24/7 basis, ready to respond to any outage of the primary system.

1ACC has a strong pedigree in deployed operations, with the Unit having been deployed in recent years as part of Op ABROAD, Op TELIC, Op HERRICK, and Op ALVIN; with 1ACC continuing to provide support as part of on-going operations. It is this strong pedigree, commitment to innovation and the experience 1ACC personnel bring to bear that make the Unit a critical element of the UK's response to any emergent conflict. 1ACC provides a key force-multiplier effect and helps to fuse the constituent parts of other tactical units into a theatre wide cohesive operational picture.

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