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RAF Scampton Heritage Centre: Cold War

Scampton During the Cold War

Post war, Scampton became host to training organisations. Bomber Command Instructors' School appearing in January 1947 and remaining for the next six years. From July 1947 to April the following year runway strengthening and other upgrading was carried out.

In 1953 the station once again supported regular bomber squadrons, Nos. 10, 18, 21 and 27, all Canberra equipped, but by June 1955 all had been moved elsewhere so that Scampton could be redeveloped for heavy jet bomber use. The main runway was re-laid to Class 1 standard and extended to 3,000 yards necessitating a diversion of the A15. On completion of this work, No. 617 Squadron was re-formed at Scampton in May 1958 to fly Vulcans, joined in 1960 by another former resident, No. 83 Squadron, also on Vulcans. The latter squadron was disbanded in 1969. No. 230 OCU appeared again that year, its task being the preparation of Vulcan crews, and in 1973 a second regular Vulcan squadron was again added to the station complement when No. 27 was re-formed. Two years latter a third Vulcan squadron appeared-No. 35.

The V-bomber force remained in being until 1982 from when Scampton again reverted to a training role, the Central Flying School taking up station in September 1984 and remaining until 1996 when the station was closed.

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