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Visiting the Heritage Centre

Visiting the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre

RAF Scampton is an operational station, therefore, if you would like to request a visit to the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre, please book in advance via the Secretary. Regretably, only visitors who have pre-booked via the Secretary will be allowed to enter the station.

Finding us

We are situated north of the City of Lincoln along the A15. For SATNAV users the address of RAF Scampton is as follows:

To Book a visit:

RAF Scampton



Tel: 01522 738361


To avoid disappointment, please remember to arrange your visit in advance with the Curator.
You can now also send your visit enquiries via the form box below, to help the Curator please add your contact details so we can confirm the visit with you:

We would recomend arriving 10mins before the start time and please do not forget your photo id as access to the station will be denied without us making a visual id check before the start of the tour.

We would draw your attention to following and ask that you ensure that all your party is aware and abide by the rules so we do not have to take any actions during your visit to us.

"RAF Scampton is an operational military site, to which the Official Secret Act’s apply. As a result any photography on site is strictly controlled; photographs may be taken both within the Heritage Centre Museum and outside of the Museum looking towards the airfield. Photos are not to be taken of the internal technical area or associated security regime. If you want to take photographs of any other areas then liaise with your guide for permission. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to removal from the Unit and confiscation of your camera by the Civil Police”

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