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Pre- War Scampton

With the expansion of the RAF to meet developments in Germany, during the 1930s the Air Ministry turned first to abandoned First World War landing grounds when looking to build the required new airfields. The Scampton aerodrome site proved suitable although a larger acreage was required taking in farmland to the south in the parish of Scampton, a village to the west of the B 1398. Compulsorily purchased in 1935, work took the best part of two years and the RAF appeared on site before completion. The camp area was placed in the south-east corner and accessed from the A15 which formed the eastern border of the station. Substantial flat-roofed, brick buildings predominated and four Type C hangars (see above) were erected. The weapons stores were further north on the eastern side of the airfield.

By October 1936, No. 9 Squadron and its Heyfords and No. 214 with Virginias arrived from Northern Ireland with No. 3 Group administering the station. No. 214 converted to Harrows early in 1937 only to be transferred south to Feltwell in April. In June, `C' Flight of No. 9 Squadron became the reformed No. 148 Squadron, flying Audax biplanes for two months while awaiting Wellesley monoplanes. In March 1938, the recently formed No. 5 Group was given bomber stations in Lincolnshire so Nos. 9 and 148 Squadrons moved south to No. 3 Group's new station at Stradishall. Their place was taken by Nos. 49 and 83 Squadrons, ex-Worthy Down and Turnhouse respectively. Both surrendered their Hawker Hinds for Handley Page Hampdens later in the year.

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