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The map shows LFA 9, the area (bounded by a heavy, dotted purple line) allocated to RAF Shawbury for military helicopter aircrew training. The LFA 9 boundary changed on 23 December 2007 to expand the area by some 80%. Intensive low-level helicopter activity, often down to ground level, takes place within the area, now 3000 sq Km, between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Night flying occurs on several nights throughout the year. Training does not normally take place at weekends or during Bank Holidays.

Although helicopters can operate anywhere within the area, including numerous authorised field sites, more concentrated training activity will occur at the airfields at Shawbury, Tern Hill and Chetwynd, the Nesscliffe Training Area and occasionally at Sleap airfield, at which the Shropshire Aero Club is located (marked by red circles) and Cosford.

Helicopters from RAF Shawbury may also operate for certain exercises outside LFA 9, in any part of the UK Military Low Flying System, which is controlled by the Ministry of Defence. Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters from other military bases will occasionally operate within LFA 9.

For further information on Military low-flying policy please click here

For information regarding our low flying activity call 01939 251510 (Daytime) or 01939 250351 Extn 7227 (Night Time) or E-mail SHY-CERO@mod.uk or SHY-DepCERO@mod.uk

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