Nesscliffe Ops

Nesscliffe Ops

Nesscliffe Ops

The Nesscliffe Training Area (NTA), which is owned by the Army, is used extensively throughout the year by helicopters from RAF Shawbury for training student pilots and crewmen (rear crew). Much of the training activity will be undertaken by Griffin helicopters of No Sixty (Reserve) Squadron of the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) between 0900 and 1700 (Monday - Friday) with night flying occurring at periodic intervals. Squirrel helicopters from the Central Flying School (Helicopter) Squadron and No 705 Squadron of the DHFS will also use the NTA for certain exercises.

Owing to the flexible nature of the squadron training programmes it is not possible to post detailed information on day-to-day activity as factors such as weather conditions, crew availability or aircraft serviceability , are subject to change at short notice and therefore we could not guarantee its accuracy. Furthermore, the prevailing wind on the day will have a significant effect on the precise location selected for a particular exercise and the levels of noise generated particularly by Griffin activity.

Please click here to view a detailed map of the Nesscliffe operating areas

Area A - Confined Areas

Area B - Confined areas, sloping ground, general handling

Area C - Confined areas, sloping ground, general handling underslug loads

Because of the narrow shape of the NTA helicopters will generally not be able to remain within its confines when conducting exercises involving flying a circuit pattern especially in a prevailing westerly wind. However, aircrew will endeavour to avoid overflying houses in the surrounding area and villages wherever possible.

Please note that military helicopters from other Service bases may also operate by day or night from the NTA for unspecified periods throughout the year

Detailed information on helicopter night training be viewed on the Station night flying page

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