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Night Flying

Night Flying

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NB: NVG training for each Griffin course of students will occur at regular intervals, please check Night Flying Program for weekly updates.

Night Flying Times: Within the available hours of darkness at this time of year night flying will begin, typically, at 2200 Hours local and should be finished by 0200 hours local (or earlier if the program is complete). We realise that night flying, will, regrettably, cause some noise disturbance and therefore the amount of night training is kept to the minimum required to train our aircrew effectively. Information concerning low flying policy can be found by clicking here.

NB. Although every effort will be made to promulgate accurate information the forecast night flying programme and times may be subject to short-notice changes owing to weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and other unforeseen factors. Please note also that where NVG training is specified 60(R) Sqn Griffins will use the Nesscliffe Training Area or Chetwynd or Tern Hill to conduct under-slung load training. These areas may be used for other exercises on an ad-hoc basis. The Duty Ops Controller can be contacted on 01939 250351 Ext 7227. Otherwise, please contact the Corporate Engagement Relations Office by telephone 01939 251510 or email ( and ) the following morning.

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