Learning Centre

Learning Centre

Learning Centre

The RAF Shawbury Learning Centre is located above the Aries Club and Junior Ranks’ Mess and provides extensive facilities to promote the Learning Forces' 'Life Long Learning' initiative within the RAF Shawbury community.

The Learning Centre staff provide the following services: resettlement and education support; personal advice and guidance; computer-based training; library facilities, including children's section; various courses in partnership with local colleges; and extended opening hours to provide enhanced welfare support.

Learning Centre Contact Numbers:

Learning Centre Manager/Personal Learning Adviser
Tel: 01939 250351 Ext 7176

Resettlement and Education Clerk
Tel: 01939 250351 Ext 7420

Learning Centre Administrator/Computer Based Training

Tel: 01939 250351 Ext 7586

Fax: 01939 250351 Ext 7578

Email: SHY-PMSPDFOC@mod.uk

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thu: 0830 - 1630

Fri - 0830 - 1500

Out of Hours Access available upon request.

Additional Information regarding the Learning Forces organisation may be found at http://www.raf.mod.uk/raflearningforces/

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