Squirrels Nursery

Squirrels Nursery

Shawbury Squirrels Early Years

Telephone 01939 250351 Extension 7282

Email: shawburysquirrels@gmail.com

Facebook: ShawburySquirrels Early Years

We are a non-profit making charitable organisation run by a committee ofvolunteers, providing high quality care and education in a safe, fun andstimulating environment.

Open 50 weeks Mon - Fri 7.45am-6pm (Closed Christmas & New Year)

Early bird sessions available upon request at 7.30am

Fully qualified and experienced childcare practitioners

Competitive and flexible rates, breakfast, snacks, lunch and high teaincluded

OFSTED registered & Accredited to the Pre-school Learning Alliance

Spacious garden and dedicated outdoor children's playground

Informal visits are always welcome to view the extensive facilities onoffer

Childcare places available in all age groups

The Nursery

There are three specifically planned rooms within the setting enablingeach room to cater for children of a specific age and stage of development.


Caring for children 3 months to approx 2 years of age.

The staff work closely with parents to ensure that what can be anemotional part of their life when leaving their child for the first time isdealt with sensitively. The staff – child ratio is 1 adult to 3 children, whichis adhered to at all times. This provides stability and knowledge about yourchild’s individual needs and stage of development. We also operate a ‘no shoepolicy’ within this room for Health and Safety reasons.

The atmosphere of the room is calm yet stimulating, with the emphasisbeing on continuity of care and the support of individual routines. The EarlyYears Foundation Stage is first introduced within this room. Safe structuredactivities are introduced for short periods of time combined with regular freeplay and quiet times for rest and sleep. The room is made up of a large playarea, changing area and kitchen area with an adjoining sleep/rest room. Weprovide hot meals for lunch, which can be pureed or mashed according to yourchild’s needs, if you wish you may provide your own food for your child. Allformula milk will need to be provided by yourself daily along with nappies,baby wipes and nappy creams.


Caring for children aged approx 2-3 years of age

While continuing close relationships with parents, the children are nowintroduced to new opportunities throughout the next stage of the Early YearsFoundation Stage which are geared to their increasing abilities andinterests.The room is split into two areas, a carpet play area, with a quietarea and a role play area, and a vinyl area for more messy activities. There isan adjoining bathroom with low level basins and toilets. Potties can also beprovided to assist with toilet training.

Wise Owls

Caring for children from approx 3 years to school entry age.

Your child will now be increasing in their independence, being moreconfident in their own abilities and enjoying the challenge of beingresponsible for their own choices. This is supported by the Early YearsFoundation Stage.

The room is thoughtfully laid out to provide specific areas for messyplay, role play, numeracy and literacy, mark making IT and child initiatedplay. The room also benefits from having an adjoining bathroom.

All children are eligible for government funding from the term afterthey celebrate their 3rd birthday. This is to the value of 15 hoursa week; fees will be adjusted accordingly if you choose to claim your fundedplace with us.

Squirrels Holiday Club

Offering flexible care for children from 3 months to 5 years oldthroughout the school holidays.

Special Needs

As part of the nursery policy to make sure that its provision meets theneeds of each individual child, we take account of any special needs which achild may have. The nursery works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Actand the The SEN Code of Practice 2014

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