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Station Defends Decision to Use Newquay Cornwall Airport

The initiative to work closely with Newquay Cornwall Airport was the end result of a considerable effort by staff of the Airport, the MOD and RAF St Mawgan. All parties took this initiative because it was felt that it was a win-win situation for all agencies and for the wider economy. RAF St Mawgan almost shut in 2008, and the return of visiting aircraft and their crews has been widely appreciated both on and off the Station.

‘Concordia res parvae crescent’ – Work Together to Accomplish More!

You may find the Station history of some interest taking us from 1933 onwards, including the feared closure which loomed from 2005-2008.

Flying Complaints

As RAF St Mawgan is no longer a flying Station and do not operate any aircraft all complaints about military low flying aircraft activities must be made direct to the Ministry of Defence. A website is also provided which gives further information on military low flying and additional contact details.

MoD Military Low Flying Aircraft Complaints - Telephone 0207 218 6020

E-mail - lowflying@mod.uk

Visit the MoD Low Flying Today website

Further contact details for MoD Military Low Flying Complaints

Procedure for Booking Helicopter Landing Sites (HLS)

For more information on HLS procedures on Station please read.


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