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Welcome to the RAF St Mawgan Heritage pages.

The Heritage section contains an ever growing selection of information on RAF and Naval heritage in the South West.

You may be surprised to hear that the South West has a rich and varied Heritage; why not investigate one of the Heritage Trails and delve into some fascinating history that may reveal some interesting facts that you never knew!

The aim of the heritage trails are:

  • To provide insight into how the current role of Service personnel and employement of assets leads to the delivery of Air Power.
  • To promote a deeper understanding of RAF Core Values and Service Ethos through the demands of current operations and the importance of dedication, professionalism and courage required of Service personnel, through comparison to former campaigns and actions.
  • To promote enhanced understanding of the leadership styles of key RAF historical figures, and the dedication required of the personnel involved in the campaigns.

RAF Trebelzue WW2 Control Tower

RAF St Mawgan Heritage Symposium

Heritage Symposium

RAF St Mawgan host a gathering of influential, regional and heritage stakeholders...

Guy Gibson Memorial Service

Guy Gibson Memorial

A memorial was unveiled at Porthleven to celebrate the life of Wing Commander Guy Gibson...

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