30 June 2012

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'Military Themed' Beach Fitness Session at Watergate Bay

RAF St Mawgan Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) host a morning’s military themed fitness session at Watergate Bay to raise money for the charities Surf Action and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Beach Fitness

Corporal Jamie Hagan from RAF St Mawgan, the event organizer, rounded up support from fellow PTI’s in the wider RAF to come and host a one day training session for both military and civilian personnel on the golden sands of Newquay’s Watergate Bay. To the soundtrack of a DJ keeping spirits high, around 60 attendees were pushed to their limits through a grueling circuit training session. The morning consisted of many innovative exercises including loaded stretcher races, ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ and strength drills.

Beach Fitness

The event was open to anyone over the age of 18 and was free; participants were encouraged to donate what they believed the session was worth at the final whistle, resulting in a total of over £100 being raised for charity. To conclude a hard fought tug-of-war made sure all of the participants were suitable exhausted!

Sergeant Jimmy Gregory from RAF St Mawgan said “You can spend all the money you want on gym memberships to sit in the comfort of air conditioned rooms, however getting everyone out onto the beach showed you can train anywhere; all you need is motivation and a willingness to work hard.”

Beach Fitness

As well as improving fitness the event has raised awareness for RAF St Mawgan as well as the wider military in the local area, achieving one of the Station’s aims; engagement in support of the RAF in the South West.

Flt Lt Jeff Spencer, the Station spokesperson said “RAF St Mawgan is here to stay and once again supporting front line operations as well as our community”. The whole event was a brilliant way for the public to meet and understand some of their servicemen. RAF St Mawgan was well represented by members of all 3 services, mirroring the tri-service nature of the Defence Survival Training Organisation based at RAF St Mawgan which prepares Service members to survive in many challenging environments.

Beach Fitness

The RAF St Mawgan Station Commander, Wing Commander Graham ‘Sheds’ House said “Fitness and teamwork are key to so much of the military ethos, and this initiative by Jamie has brought awareness of fitness to the public and is a fantastic example of what can be achieved if we empower our junior personnel – Jamie has worked very hard and has brought together and led a great team to achieve this event”

Editor: Flt Lt Hawkins

Photographs: Cpl Parnham

RAF/MOD Crown Copyright 2012

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