06 June 2014

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RAF St Mawgan Offers 'Free' Beach Fitness At Watergate Bay

RAF St Mawgan is once again offering the expertise of our highly trained Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructors for a fitness session at the iconic Watergate Bay. Our first event of the 2 planned this year will take place at 1000 on Saturday 14 June (the second on 26 July). The session is free, but we would welcome contributions to our 2 selected charities; Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Families Association and Surf Action; an excellent local charity which supports veterans suffering from physical or mental issues following their military service. Don’t worry – this is not a recruiting drive, but do welcome the opportunity to talk about the role of the RAF in St Mawgan, and give participants the chance to see the passion and ethos of the military and part of our training regime.

Poster for event can be viewed here.

Beach Fitness

Beach Fitness

Anyone interested should contact Sam or Cara at or

Very happy to conduct interviews on site – please contact Jeff before hand at 07880727042 or by email (

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