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Halton at Balmacarra

Expeditions Requiring Divers

Expeditions Requiring Divers

RAF Expeditions Requiring Divers

Exercise Kaiser’s Compression 7th-15th Oct 2016 Scapa Flow

RAF High Wycombe/Halton expedition based on board MV Karin. A fantastic opportunity to dive the wrecks of the German High Seas Fleet that were scuttled in Scapa Flow.

Personal contribution of £150 per person, non-public and public funds required are unit AT grant of £218.56 and shared transport costs of £96.00 (public).

Aimed at Sports Diver (or equivalent) and above, Ocean Divers who have completed their Sports Diver pool lesson and Theory Assessment may also participate with the aim of completing their qualification. Contact Mark Brabon 95221 3805 Mark.Brabon302@mod.uk

ASADA Expeditions Requiring Divers

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RNRMSAA Expeditions Requiring Divers

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Jt Service Sub-Aqua Dive Centre

JSSADC advertise exped slots available under 'newsflash' in the bottom LH corner of their website.


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