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RAF Sub Aqua Association


The Royal Air Force Sub-Aqua Association Committee is there to help you get the most from your diving. Each Committee member has individual areas of responsibility and specific roles which generally support their various experiences in sub-aqua and the Royal Air Force.

Meeting quarterly, the Committee is always keen to develop new ideas and suggestions can be made using the [link not available] on the Contact Us page or sending a personal message to a Committee member using the e-mail addresses below.



Air Cdre Richard Powell

Address: Private
Telephone: Private
Email: president@rafs-aa.org.uk


Gp Capt (Retired) Dave Ray

Address: Private
Telephone: Private
Email: vice-president@rafs-aa.org.uk

Life Vice-President

Air Vice Marshal (Retired) Paul Colley

Address: Private
Telephone: Private


Gp Capt Adrian Burns

Address: TBC

Telephone: 95 - TBC
Email: chairman@rafs-aa.org.uk

Vice Chairman

Sqn Ldr Peter Maskell

Address: Spitfir Blk Rm 1E27, HQ Air Cmd, HP14 4UE
Telephone: 95221 5627
Email: vice-chairman@rafs-aa.org.uk

Diving Officer

WO Neil Abbott

Address: SO3 Arm Eng, JHC, Ramilies Building, Andover, Hants, SP11 8HT
Telephone: 94391 7627
Email: DO@rafs-aa.org.uk

Technical Diving Officer

Wg Cdr Mark Brabon

Address: HQ Air, RAF High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4UE
Telephone: 95221 3805
Email: Tech-DO@rafs-aa.org.uk


Flt Lt John Raine

Address: 99 Sqn TDA, RAF Brize Norton, Carterton, Oxon, OX18 3LX
Telephone: 95461 5219/4391
Email: secretary@rafs-aa.org.uk


Sqn Ldr Helen Newbury

Address: DCOS, RAF Colledge, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 8HB
Telephone: 95751 6000
Email: treasurer@rafs-aa.org.uk

Medical Officer

Dr Chris Edge

Address: Private
Telephone: Private
Email: doc@rafs-aa.org.uk

Training Officer

Sqn Ldr Mark Brabon

Address: HQ Air Cmd, HP14 4UE
Telephone: 95221 3805
Email: dep-training@rafs-aa.org.uk

Dep Training Officer

Fg Off

Telephone: 95

Email: training@rafs-aa.org.uk

Equipment Officer

Sgt Phil James-Morse

Address: SNCO B Shift, 28(R) Sqn Chinook OCF, RAF Benson, Oxon, OX10 6AA

Telephone: 95261 7186 / 7188

Email: equipment@rafs-aa.org.uk

Dep Equipment Officer

Sgt Phil James-Morse

Email: equipment@rafs-aa.org.uk

Expeds & Special Projects Officer

Sqn Ldr Jim Baldwin

Address: RAF Honington
Telephone: 95991 .....
Email: expeds@rafs-aa.org.uk

Publicity Officer

Sgt Paul Lewis

Address: 8 Sqn Eng MissionDesk, RAF Waddington, Lincoln, LN5 9NB
Telephone: 95771 6653
Email: publicity@rafs-aa.org.uk

Membership Officer

Tony Edge

Address: Reqts Audit Team, Manning, HQ Air Cmd, RAF High Wycombe, NAPHILL, HP14 4UE
Telephone: 95221 6053
Email: Air-COSPers-MannReqAuditTm@mod.uk

A list of all RAF Clubs and contact details is available at http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafsubaqua/role/clubs.cfm. Please check to find your nearest club and contact them directly. If you are having difficulty making contact or there are no clubs close to you then please contact me.

Awards Officer

Sgt Angie Crook

Address: PSF HR SNCO, RAF Honington, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1EE
Telephone: 95991 7841
Email: awards@rafs-aa.org.uk

MT Rep

Flt Sgt Pete Wileen

Address: A4 logs BST TG6 MA Co-Ord, HQ Air Cmd, RAF High Wycombe, NAPHILL, HP14 4UE
Telephone: 95221 6678
Email: mt-rep@rafs-aa.org.uk


Sgt Mick Figge

Address: HQ Flt Sigs, 15 FP Sqn, RAF Honington, Bury St Edmunds, IP31 1EE
Telephone: 95991 7593/7873
Email: webmaster@rafs-aa.org.uk

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