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RAF Sub Aqua Association

BSAC Training Events and Courses

Looking to broaden your diving horizons in 2016? Then check out the forcast of Events 2016, the brand new digital guide to all British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Training Courses, Instructor Training Events and Skill Development Courses (SDCs) for 2016.

Welcoming Divers from Other Agencies

All RAF (and UK Armed Forces) sub-aqua branches are affiliated to the BSAC. RAF branches welcome all divers, from those wishing to try diving for the first time to qualified divers, regardless of the qualifying organisation, whether recreational, commercial or military. Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Regulations permit divers with qualifications from recognised agencies other than BSAC to take part in expeditions within the recommendations of their existing qualification. However, members with qualifications from other organisations are encouraged to continue their training and development as a diver within BSAC, by training for higher qualification levels and by attending BSAC Skill Development Courses (SDCs). Full details of cross-over options, equivalent diver grades and qualifications are detailed in this BSAC leaflet.

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