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RAF Sub Aqua Association


Learning to dive will allow you to explore locations inaccesible to the vast majority of people. The courses follow a well structured programme enabling you to progress at your own pace through a framework of qualifications from beginner to advanced levels.

Details and a full syllabus of these courses can be found on the British Sub-Aqua Club’s website.

Thinking about being a Dive Leader?

The article, ‘Learning Curve – Leader of the Pack,’ in the Nov 12 edition of SCUBA magazine makes some key points about the significance of the jump from SD to DL. Statements like:

  • “It is a weighty responsibility to take charge and take control…”
  • “…it is not about being the diver at the front of a dive: dive leading involves knowing what to do if it doesn’t go to plan, perhaps adapting to the situation to manage a rescue and knowing when to get the professionals involved.”
  • “….thinking about the dive from someone else’s point of view..”

It is clear that the significance of the step up to DL needs careful consideration, not to deter, but rather to encourage motivation to be thought through. Until recently, some of the roles and responsibilities faced by DLs in civilian clubs may not have been experienced by DLs in military diving circles because we have operated under the SADS scheme. Now that DLs can train to become Branch SADS, there is the opportunity for DLs to take on more challenging organisational and supervisory roles. It is only relatively recently that the role of the DL has expanded to include more detailed dive planning and greater responsibility versus simply being there to take newly qualified divers to expand their experience. However, some divers may be more comfortable with fulfilling some DL roles rather than others and have more modest aspirations. Thus, those striving to or thinking about becoming DLs should consider carefully their motivation and what being a DL really means to them. It is not simply another qualification and it can be a step to greater things.

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