IV Sqn HAwk

IV Squadron

IV Squadron

IV Sqn Crest The mission of IV(R) Squadron is to train world class fighter pilots.

Aircraft: Hawk T2 aircraft

Motto: “In Futurum Videre” (To see into the future, or forward looking).

Badge: A sun in splendour divided by a flash of lightning.

Battle Honours: Western Front 1914-1918*, Mons*, Neuve Chapelle, Somme 1916, Ypres 1917*, Lys, Somme 1918*, France and Low Countries 1939-1940*, Fortress Europe 1942-1945, France and Germany 1944-1945*, Normandy 1944*, Arnhem*, Rhine, Iraq 2003*.

IV(R) Squadron is responsible for training the UK’s future generation of world class Fighter Pilots. Using the state of the art Hawk TMk2 aircraft, IV(R) Squadron Qualified Flying Instructors are able, better than ever before, to train and prepare young RAF and RN pilots for the demands and complexities of front line aircraft and operations. Additionally, the same high standard of training is also provided for pilots from some of our international partners and allies.

Within the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) construct, IV(R) Squadron military personnel work in partnership with civilians from Ascent, BAE Systems and Babcock Defence Services. This Partnership has allowed the transformation of UK fast jet pilot training, with students benefiting from advanced synthetic training and representative operational aircraft capabilities such as radar and aircraft self-protection systems. The syllabus is monitored and modified when required to ensure continuous improvement and operational relevance. This is a vital process, as the character of conflict in the world changes and advances in technology render static tactics redundant.

Flying training is broken into two principal parts: A Flight and B Flight. A Flight teaches the trainees basic aircraft handling, instrument flying, navigation, formation flying, academic air to surface weapons procedures and basic fighter manoeuvres (1 vs 1). B Flight builds on these skills and teaches more advanced tactics, including air combat manoeuvring (2 vs 1), simulated attack profiles (scenario based tactical sorties to simulate operational air to surface missions), operational training manoeuvres (to prevent an aircraft being shot down by enemy surface to air missiles), and basic and advanced air to air radar employment techniques. The Squadron also has C Flight, which is responsible for training new instructors and standardisation. The Squadron delivers pilots fully ready for conversion to the Typhoon and soon to include the Lightning II.

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