202(R) Sqn

202 Squadron

202 Sqn Badge 2016
Mission Statement:

Provide all Royal Air Force and Royal Navy helicopter aircrew with basic Mountain, Maritime and Littoral flying skills by day and night and deliver advanced Search and Rescue training to military aircrew destined for specific roles.

Motto: “Semper Vigilate”

Through aviation, simulation, emulation and the dedication of the instructors and support staff, students leave 202(R) Sqn with a strong grounding in the basic skills and vital teamwork ethos required to carry out a wide range of helicopter mountain flying (day/ night) and winching techniques over water and in the littoral environment.

A military organisation fully integrated with the civilian world, 202(R) Sqn trains crews from UK military, civilian helicopter agencies and foreign governments. The Sqn is directly supported by Cobham Aviation Services who provide the aircraft, all engineering and survival equipment personnel and a significant number of aircrew instructors.

Although part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School, based at RAF Shawbury, 202(R) Sqn is permanently located at RAF Valley. Its personnel and aircraft (Griffin HT1/HAR2 & AW139) form a significant part of the Station’s daily business with RAF Valley providing essential support to 202(R) Sqn.

As many 202(R) Sqn graduates go on to operate on frontline RAF and RN Units, it is essential that a strong joint relationship is fostered and staffing reflects this through the employment of instructors from both Services past and present. Interaction and communication with RAF and RN Operational Conversion Units ensures that training continues to meet the future need and has resulted in new and innovative courses being designed and delivered.

2012 saw 50 years of SAR Training at RAF Valley and 202(R) Sqn’s output continues to play an instrumental part, both locally and wider afield, in support of RAF Valley and the broader aims and vision of the RAF and MOD.

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