RAF Valley Gate Guardian

Visiting us

Visitor Arrival Procedures

Visitors arriving at RAF Valley should enter via the Main Gate and report to the Control of Entry building to book in and collect visitor passes.

Parking While Booking In

Small vehicles (cars, vans, mini-buses, etc) approaching the Control of Entry point should stay in the left lane and use the temporary parking area. Large vehicles (buses, lorries, etc) should park in the middle entry lane, before booking in.

Booking In Procedures

All visitors are required to produce 2 forms of UK recognized identification when booking in, with at least 1 form of photo-ID (ideally a passport, new style driving licence, etc).

Details of the person being visited/met or the place being visited, along with any documents related to the visit, should be provided to assist the Main Guardroom staff in verifying the visitors are allowed access to RAF Valley. Casual visitors need to be escorted on the Station by an authorized sponsor (service person, MOD civil servant or adult dependant), who should arrange to meet their visitors at the Main Gate.

Group Visits

Groups visiting RAF Valley for specific visits, events or activities should be booked in advance by the authorized person at Valley arranging the visit/activity. Full details of the visit, including a list of all visitors, should be forwarded to the RAF Police section at least 5 working days before the visit.

Searches On Entry

Visitors should note there may be a requirement to be searched prior to entering the unit. In the event that anyone refuses permission for these searches, then access to the unit will be denied.

Further Information

Any queries about visitor arrival procedures at RAF Valley may be directed during normal working hours to the MPGS/RAF Police on Tel. 01407 762241 Ext 7380.

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