RAF Voluntary Band Bookings

Although the bands often have full diaries - the larger bands average an engagement every week throughout the year - they are always keen to support military events and local communities. If you would like to book a voluntary band, or a smaller ensemble, please make contact direct to the band by telephone or e-mail. There is a comprehensive, but straightforward, booking process that the Voluntary Band Instructor will take you through, and it will also provide the opportunity to discuss which of the band's ensembles are most approriate for the event, as well as the detailed arrangements. There may be costs involved: The MOD has strict procedures for the adminstration of all bands and each engagement is categorised depending on whether it is for Service purposes; in support of charity or local community; a private function; or a "business opportunity": Again the Voluntary Band Instructor will provide information and guidance on this.

And remember to "book early to avoid disappointment".

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