HQ Intelligence Reserves

Headquarters Intelligence Reserves (HQIR)

Mission: To provide comprehensive Human Resource support to Reserve Intelligence Squadrons, management of the RAF Reserve Component and generate trained intelligence reserve personnel to support RAF and Defence requirements in the UK and overseas.

Under Future Force 2020 (FR20) the role of the HQIR has both changed and expanded. Today, it acts as a conduit to the whole Intelligence Reserve Component for matters relating to training, utility and mobilisation. Specific responsibilities include:

· Focal point for all HR matters concerning the 3 National Intelligence Reserve Squadrons (7006, 7010 & 7630).

· Recruitment and outreach for the entire RAF Intelligence Reserve Component.

· Administration and delivery of Pre-Basic Recruit Training for those joining the Intelligence Reserves.

· Generating suitably trained Intelligence reserve personnel and mobilising them in support of Operations, Exercises and Defence requirements in the UK and overseas.

The three National Intelligence Reserve Squadrons include;

7006 (VR) Sqn

Motto: ‘Florebo quocumque ferar’ (Latin meaning, I will flower everywhere I am planted).

Mission: To provide trained intelligence personnel to support RAF Squadrons and Joint Headquarters in the UK and overseas.

For further information please visit the 7006 (VR) Sqn webpage:

7010 (VR) Sqn

Motto: ‘When summoned, we shall be there’.

Mission: To provide well trained and highly motivated imagery analysts to support RAF Intelligence units in the UK and on operations overseas.

For further information please visit the 7010 (VR) Sqn webpage:

7630 (VR) Sqn

Motto: ‘Persevere’.

Mission: To provide personnel for information-gathering tasks to support operations.

For further information please visit the 7630 (VR) Sqn webpage:

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