Other Units

Also based at RAF Waddington, are our "lodger" units. These units play a vital role and a more detailed accounts can be found about them by following the links on this page.

E-3D Software Support Team (SST)

Following the disbandment of Mission Support Wing (MSW) at RAF Waddington on the formation of 54(R) Sqn on 5 Sep 05, the last remaining Section of MSW, the E-3D Software Support Team (SST) transferred from HQ STC under the command and functional control of the Sentry Integrated Project Team, DLO on 1 Sep 06.

Air Warfare Centre

Following the experience gained during the Gulf War, the RAF recognised the need to establish a centralised mission support organisation. The Air Warfare Centre was established in October 1993 to meet this need by merging several specialist organisations and was given the task of providing integrated mission support at the operational, tactical and technical levels to commanders and to the front-line.

Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC)

The ABTC is an HQ Air Command lodger unit housed in 1 hangar at RAF Waddington. The project was to de-risk the use of synthetic training environments to deliver operational team and collective training for the air component of the Joint Battlespace.

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