Sentry Maintenance Squadron

Sentry Maintenance Sqn

Who Are Sentry Maintenance Squadron?

Sentry Maintenance Squadron (SMS) is a component of Forward Support Wing (FSW). SMS is a large organisation, the largest within FSW, with around 200 RAF military personnel and a small team of supporting MOD civilian personnel. We are based at Alpha Dispersal, which has parking space for the RAF’s fleet of 7 Sentry E3-D Airborne Early Warning aircraft, a purpose-built hangar that can accommodate 2 aircraft and engineering technical accommodation for Squadron personnel, support equipment and facilities.

What Do We Do?

SMS is a central engineering organisation that provides serviceable Sentry E-3D aircraft to all 3 of the Sentry flying squadrons at RAF Waddington, 8, 23, and 54(R) Squadron. To achieve this, we carry out aircraft servicing to prepare the aircraft for flight, provide aircraft handling to despatch and receive the aircraft back after their sorties and also carry out scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to maintain the serviceability of the aircraft. This service is also provided when Squadrons send aircraft overseas, by deployed SMS engineering support teams.

SMS also provide a large, standing team of technicians to support the Contractor to carry out deep maintenance of the aircraft in Alpha Hangar. Our other, major role is to provide a Visiting Aircraft Handling service for the Station, to look after all the many aircraft that transit through the Station.

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