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RAF Waddington Charities Committee

The Station Charities Committee aims to act as a focal point in coordinating charity events on station or involving station personnel. Additionally the Charities Committee provide support to local organisations and charities in order to promote welfare and educational facilities within the local community. The Charities Committee aims to support organisations that fulfil the following criteria:

Charity/Organisation should be locally based.

Bids which seek to raise money on behalf of other Charities/seek direct sponsorship will not be considered.

Charities/Organisations that benefit the welfare of RAF Waddington personnel and their dependants will be given special consideration.

The Charities Committee aims to support as many good causes as possible and disburses monies quarterly so funds are available throughout the year.

If you are part of a local charity or organisation that would benefit from support, the Bid Request proforma can be filled in above and sent electronically. Please include full details on what, specifically do you intend to spend the donation? What effect will it deliver? How many people will benefit? You may wish to include general information about your charity or organisation and whether you have any links to RAF Waddington or its personnel/families. Include a numberof quotes(for goods or services) together with any further information to support your request.

Alternatively you can write, giving as much detail as possible to :

Officer in Charge Charities

RAF Waddington



If you are a member of RAF Waddington and wish to stage a fund-raising event - the Event Request proforma can be found on the Station Intranet page.

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