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No 3 Flight Training School and No. 6 Flying Training School

No. 3 Flying Training School (3FTS) is a Royal Air Force organisation which manages elementary flying training for all three Armed Forces. Although headquartered at Royal Air Force College Cranwell, 3FTS is the primary airfield user at Royal Air Force Wittering and has two flying units stationed here;

16 (Reserve) Squadron is one of two Squadrons providing elementary flying training to future Royal Air Force pilots, including basic airmanship, navigation and aircraft handling skills. Upon completion, successful pilots are then streamed into advanced training programmes; fast jet, multi-engine or rotary wing.

115 (Reserve) Squadron is responsible for the schooling of flying instructors who will teach elementary flying training, and the provision of refresher training for previously qualified flying instructors.

No. 6 Flying Training School (6FTS) stood up at Royal Air Force Wittering on 7th September 2015. 6 FTS commands and manages the RAF University Air Squadrons (UAS) in the UK. 6 FTS will deliver annual flying and ground training to 1000 UAS students and Air Experience Flying (AEF) to 25,000 Air Cadets.

University of London Air Squadron & Cambridge University Air Squadron both have a long tradition of offering flying training to undergraduates and giving them a chance to experience life in the Royal Air Force.

5 Air Experience Flight (5AEF) gives Air Cadets an opportunity to experience flying. All AEF pilots are current or former RAF service pilots who volunteer to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for flying to Air Cadets.

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