Image showing JARTS at work


The Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron (JARTS) is commanded by 85 (EL) Wg, RAF Wittering, but based at MoD Boscombe Down. It is manned predominantly by RAF personnel and a small contingent of Royal Navy (RN). JARTS is the only MoD organisation dedicated to Aircraft Post-Crash Management (APCM), recovery and transportation. The Sqn holds 4 Crash Teams at high readiness to deploy worldwide in response to military APCM incidents for all 3 Services. JARTS also has a remit to assist at civilian aircraft crash sites where requested by the Air Accident Investigation Board (AAIB). JARTS Crash Teams may be pre-positioned at high-tempo airfields to provide standby Rapid Runway Clearance (RRC) capabilities to support Operations or Exercises. When not tasked with APCM duties, JARTS’s spare capacity is utilised for worldwide transportation tasks of military aircraft for all 3 Services. A significant proportion of these tasks support the delivery of aircraft to all operational theatres.

Other taskings include the recovery of unserviceable aircraft; supporting international military exercises and spares recovery programmes; and the road transportation of ground instruction aircraft, historic aircraft and gate guardians.

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