COVID-19: RAF recruitment remains open and our team are on hand to assist. All face-to-face visits to AFCOs are suspended and some stages of the process are on hold. All applications remain ‘live’. Click below to see the progress of your application.

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A career in the Royal Air Force is like no other. From the speedy role progression to the unrivalled skills and training you receive; all whilst travelling around the world and making friends for life, it really is No Ordinary Job.

Royal Air Force Reserves serve alongside Regulars in the UK and overseas. They get the best of both worlds by balancing their own careers and home life, with the challenge and adventure of the RAF.

Engineers are the backbone of the Royal Air Force. From keeping aircraft ready to scramble at a moment’s notice to protecting the UK from cyber-attack - Engineers make it happen.

Royal Air Force Apprenticeships are award winning. You’ll gain new qualifications whilst earning and have a guaranteed job at the end.

Graduates in the Royal Air Force receive world class training and qualifications, lifting you above the crowd.