We have more than 20 roles to choose from with RAF delivered apprenticeships rated Outstanding by Ofsted
Royal Air Force - Regular & Reserve


  • Ofsted Outstanding Training Provider
  • RAF apprentice earns £14,900+ Per annum/pa from day one, going higher once they progress into their phase two training while a Civilian apprentice earns £6,864 annum/pa from day one on average
  • Currently there are 21 different roles for apprentices from drivers and caterers to intelligence and engineering
  • Civilian qualification with a guaranteed RAF job at the end of it
  • To get the apprenticeship you’re required to join the RAF and need to go through the full application process and phase 1 RAF training, then get your Level 2, 3 and 4 apprenticeship as part of your phase 2 (trade) training. Can last 1 year to 3 years of training
  • You’ll also receive dedicated on base medical and dental care

An apprenticeship in the RAF offers you the chance to gain
a UK-recognised trade qualification as part of a challenging
and unique career. Not only will you gain a civilian
recognised professional qualification, but upon completion
you’ll also have a guaranteed job in your chosen field.

We offer all kinds of apprenticeships in a broad and
diverse range of careers including aviation operations,
engineering, hospitality & catering and IT. You’ll receive the
very best training and as well as getting paid to learn, you’ll
get the chance to travel the world, play sport and perform
an important role in the RAF.

If you have the drive and ambition, we can offer you a
unique and rewarding career. To gain an apprenticeship in
the RAF you still need to meet all of the entry requirements
for whichever role it is for and get through all stages of the
application process. You will gain the apprenticeship as
part of your phase two (trade) training.


Shayne Hadland
Senior Aircraftman (Technician)

I began my apprenticeship with the RAF in 2008 and completed a Level 3 NVQ in Aeronautical Engineering (Mechanical Component Overhaul). It was an advanced level apprenticeship in engineering. My experience as an apprentice was great. I got to complete it in the transmission bay of the Puma Depth Support Hub at RAF Benson. This meant I was able to work with advanced pieces of equipment, down to an in-depth level that few aircraft engineers get to see.

Early on in my career I was named as the RAF’s Apprentice of the Year while working as an Aircraft Technician. Later I achieved a bronze medal at the national final held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and spent two years training hard to become one of the best aircraft engineers in the UK. My hard work paid off in May this year when I was selected as the sole competitor to represent the UK in my trade at the WorldSkills competition.

In Sao Paulo there were 60 countries competing in 50 different skills. In the aircraft engineering competition there were 15 countries competing. The competition involved 7 different tasks, each one testing all of the skills used by an aircraft engineer. This ranged from daily inspections on the servicing of an aircraft – to engine boroscoping, which is checking the engine hot end using an optical device consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece.

I couldn’t have achieved what I have in the past year without the RAF. Getting to Brazil meant that I was able to compete in my trade at the highest level possible, while also raising the profile of what I do and demonstrating what my apprenticeship has taught me.

Roles with apprenticeships

  • Chef


    Plan, organise and prepare meals for our personnel at home, overseas, on the ground and in the air. RAF Chefs also cater for VIPs and cook in the field under canvas.

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  • Catering and Hospitality Specialist

    Catering and Hospitality Specialist

    Manage the storage and service of food and beverages in dining rooms, bars, VIP functions perhaps even in-flight.

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  • Aircraft Technician (Mechanical)

    Aircraft Technician (Mechanical)

    Mechanical Aircraft Technicians specialise in airframes, engines and associated equipment on our aircraft. They are required to carry out maintenance and repair work on everything from engines to landing gear.

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  • Aircraft Technician (Avionics)

    Aircraft Technician (Avionics)

    Avionics Technicians specialise in the electrical, electronic and sensory systems fitted to aircraft. These range from navigation devices to aircraft defensive aids systems.

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  • Cyberspace Communication Specialist (formerly ICT Technician)

    Cyberspace Communication Specialist (formerly ICT Technician)

    Set up, maintain and operate the equipment behind all RAF operations, from airfield radars to local area networks.

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  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Nurturing our most important assets is a top priority. Working alongside a range of external bodies you’ll ensure the development of RAF personnel.

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  • Driver


    RAF Drivers operate cars, minibuses, cranes and specialist vehicles to ensure RAF personnel and equipment are in the right place at the right time.

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  • Supply, Storage and Distribution Specialist

    Supply, Storage and Distribution Specialist

    Manage the vital assets the RAF relies on – from their receipt right through on their disposal.

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  • Mover


    Our Movers operate IT systems, load and unload transport aircraft and accompany cargo all over the world by air, rail and road.

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  • Firefighter


    RAF Firefighters provide 24/7 fire and crash rescue protection. They’re organised and trained to respond to any emergency with highly specialised equipment.

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  • RAF Police

    RAF Police

    RAF Policemen and women work to prevent and detect crime, ensuring the security of personnel, information, and equipment on RAF bases and on operations.

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  • RAF Regiment Gunner

    RAF Regiment Gunner

    RAF Regiment Gunners specialise in infantry tactics, weaponry, field craft, and force protection, defending RAF bases and overseas air operations.

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  • Photographer


    Photographers play a range of roles in the RAF, capturing everything from aerial reconnaissance images to public relations portraits.

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  • Intelligence Analyst

    Intelligence Analyst

    Intelligence analysts use state-of-the-art technologies to gather and interpret information, providing vital intelligence to support military forces deployed around the world.

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  • Aerospace Systems Operator

    Aerospace Systems Operator

    Aerospace Systems Operators manage sophisticated sensors, communication and computer systems tracking aircraft, ships and potential threats.

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  • Vehicle and Mechanical Equipment Technician

    Vehicle and Mechanical Equipment Technician

    Vehicle and Mechanical Equipment Technicians carry out repairs and adjustments on a range of land-based vehicles and equipment that support aircraft and ground operations.

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  • Communications Infrastructure Technician

    Communications Infrastructure Technician

    Communications Infrastructure Technicians are responsible for setting up and maintaining these systems.

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  • Survival Equipment Specialist

    Survival Equipment Specialist

    Survival Equipment Specialists fit and repair the equipment that saves our personnel’s lives.

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  • General Technician Workshop

    General Technician Workshop

    General Technicians Workshops manufacture and repair components for aircraft, vehicles and specialist equipment.

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  • Electrician


    Electrical Technicians maintain and repair a diverse range of electrical equipment, ensuring RAF aircraft are able to take off and complete their missions safely.

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  • Flight Operations Assistant

    Flight Operations Assistant

    Flight Operations Assistants provide aircrews and air traffic controllers with the information to plan and execute missions safely

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  • Weapon Technician

    Weapon Technician

    Weapon Technicians maintain and manage weapons and explosives used by the RAF, including aircraft bombs, ammunition and individual weapons carried by personnel.

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