How to apply

Ready to become an RAF Regular or Reserve? Follow these three simple steps to apply. No problem if you’re not sure which role – just select ‘to be decided’ in the registration form and we’ll give you a call to help you choose.


Eligibility Check

To join the RAF you will need to meet general RAF eligibility requirements and
role specific criteria.



Full Time Regular

Full Time Regular

0345 605 5555

Register your interest for Regular service, and apprenticeships. Use the link below or call the Regular
information line.

Spare Time Reserve

Spare Time Reserve

0345 606 9069

Apply for Reserve service now using the link below or by calling the Reserve information line.


Application Process

The RAF application process is made up of seven steps. We’ll provide you with details about what’s required for your role of interest, but you can familiarise yourself with the journey in advance.

If you’re serving in the RAF and wish to remuster, or if you’re interested in transferring from the Army, Navy or
Royal Marines, please apply through your chain of command.

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