If you have current or previous other Armed Forces service you can transfer to the RAF.


If you have any current or previous productive* Regular Service as an Officer or Non Commissioned Aircrew (WSOp/ATC) in any of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (RAF, Army, Navy), and are considering applying to re-join or transfer to the Regular RAF, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Please note, if you are currently receiving the Armed Forces Pension, we strongly advise that you contact the JPAC on 0141 224 3600 to discuss the impact that re-enlistment may have on your pension.

*Completed Phase 2 Training


The timescale of the application process varies from candidate to candidate and the need of the Service. Below is a general overview of how the application process flows, although not all elements may be relevant to you.


Your application will be received by the Serving & Re-entrant Officer (SRO) Team at the Officers’ and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC), RAF Cranwell, who will take you through the application process. For Army and Navy Transfers, approval from APC or Fleet to release you from your current Service, needs to be received prior to attending OASC.


Depending on your service history, your medical records will either be reviewed by The Department of Occupational Medicine (DOM) or you will be required to undergo a medical examination with Capita.


Once your medical suitability is confirmed, the SRO Team will then invite you to OASC to undertake the selection process, which consists of:

  • A 30 minute Interview
  • Aircrew Medical (if required)
  • Fitness Test (if required)


You will be contacted by email advising you of the outcome of your OASC visit. If you have been found suitable, there are now a number of administrative actions that the SRO Team need to undertake, which may include;

  • Ascertaining any Residency issues you may have; you may be required to obtain overseas Visas/Police Reports and detailed information relating to your time overseas
  • Initiating Security Clearances
  • Ascertaining any training requirements
  • Formulating your Terms and Conditions of Service and pay
  • Agreeing a provisional entry date
  • Confirming results of ECG and blood tests (Aircrew candidates). This generally takes around 6-8 weeks from the date of the Aircrew Medical, and enlistment cannot occur until these results are received


Once all the above have been confirmed (excluding Security Clearances), you will be sent an Offer of Service.


You will be Attested into the RAF at a pre-agreed date and venue.


If you are interested in re-joining or transferring to the RAF, please send an email to the Serving & Re-Entrant Officer Team (SRO Team). Please be advised that if you do not meet the criteria for making an enquiry through this email address (ie, you must be a current/former HM Forces officer/aircrew to enquire through this page), you will not receive a response to your email. Please go to the Airmen Re-enlistment & Service Transfers tab which advises of the process to take.Candidates who meet the criteria should send an email to the Serving & Re-Entrant Officer Team (SRO Team), OASC at: providing the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your DOB
  • Your former rank
  • Your service number
  • Your former branch and service
  • Your termination date and reason for leaving
  • The branch you are interested in applying for

An initial review will be made based on the information you have provided. You will then receive an email advising whether or not an application can be taken from you.


If you are invited to make an application, you will be emailed a link to the full online RAF application form.

In addition to the application form, you also need to provide the following:

  • Your current CV
  • Copies of your last 3 OJARs/SJARs
  • A copy of your Passport
  • Your Discharge Certificate (if applicable)
  • A copy of your last Regular Armed Forces pay statement. (If you do not have this, you can obtain a copy by telephoning the JPAC on 0141 224 3600).
  • A JPA screen shot of your ‘Personal & Service Details’ which states your Seniority Date. (Available from JPAC).

If you are in receipt of the Armed Forces Pension, please also advise us of the date you would ideally need to be back in service in order that re-enlistment does not adversely affect your Pension. The completed documentation should then be emailed to the SRO Team at to process. You will be contacted shortly after to discuss the next stage of your application and to arrange a convenient date for your OASC visit. Enquiries at any stage of the application process are welcome and the SRO team will be happy to assist.


You will firstly need to apply through your Chain of Command/Unit Admin Office to transfer before making an application and the transfer request is completed via single service manning authorities in the first instance. The forms required are Army form is AFB 241 and RN/RM form is BR3 P7. Your Chain of Command can give an earliest release date on the application if you have commitments that would prevent transfer in the immediate future.

If accepted by the RAF you will receive an Authority to Transfer letter and can then register and apply for your chosen role by following this link.

You must meet all eligibility criteria; however waivers may be appropriate in some cases. Training requirements will be determined on a case by case basis taking into account previous experience, rank, pay and service to date.

You are unlikely to undertake full basic training and will instead complete a Kit & Post package of up to 10 working days. You will find out the requirements and service being offered at the start of the process.

All transfers are required to complete the recruitment process with your nominated AFCO. For further enquiries please contact:

(we are unable to confirm TCOS at the enquiry stage)